Blasting out of Shanghai

Bye bye PVG!

Today I’m going to post my first edit of this kind. I think it turned out pretty… good. Might need more what, but good for now. I’d love to hear what you guys think!!

A little background… this picture is of a China Eastern A350. I usually fly never ever time I go the China to visit my grandparent there. It is taken at PVG, the 8th busiest airport in the world, well, not in 2020, but before. It is a major hub for many airlines and I would love to see more people use it!

More Flight Info

Aircraft: A350-900
Livery: China Eastern
Server: Expert
Route: ZSPD - ESSA
Time: Noon
Flight Time: uhg, fine! I’ll go check…😅😂
Update: ~11:30 minutes…

Picture time!

Thanks for checking this out!
Please tell me what you think and leave some feedback.


Great shot! Well done!

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Thanks! First time doing this type of edit and I’m pretty happy with it

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Great shot! Well done!

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