Blasting into Space

A few days ago, I was messing around with the F-22 by maneuvering through the Himalayan mountains with high speed. 🚀

Eventually, I lost control and dived straight into a mountain. HOWEVER, instead of crashing, I went through the terrain, and the plane kept on descending.

The descent rate constantly increased, and eventually reached to around -80,000fpm (probably more because it was glitching lol).

Then, out of nowhere, the descent rate started dropping, and in no time I was ascending again! 🤯

So instead of stopping the flight there, I waited until it reached the surface. And when it did, I exploded into space! I was moving sideways than vertically, so I got to see north east Asia from above!

SpaceX secret documents
  • Aircraft: F-22
  • Server: Solo
  • Route: VNKT - Space!

I think this a well known glitch, so this isn’t a bug report or anything. Just thought to share with you all because it was super cool to blast into space! 🚀


It’s really cool!


that happened to me one time in a 757 in replay mode lol over Italy, the scenery is really good lol from 200,000 feet

Beautiful view of our diamond, are you hired by SpaceX ?

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Wait so the earth isn’t flat?

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The earth is round.


The earth is flat.

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The Earth is round. It isn’t flat

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I’m pretty sure it’s flat 🤓👆

I’m aware it’s round it’s a joke

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Nice shots! I love it :)

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