Blast pads not loading into Infinite Flight?

I was helping @Nick_Art with some WSSS issues. I told him all the blast pads for every runway was missing, but he said they were all there. Displaced thresholds are rendering in just fine, but no blast pads at all. Any idea what this is?
This is the view from WED:

This is the view from the latest version of IF:

As you can see, no blast pad.

Did you remember the boundary?

Not sure what you mean. The boundary isn’t cutting it off.

I let @philippe know about this one a while back; displaced thresholds are fine as you have said, but blastpads aren’t even rendered as plain tarmac.

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I’m sure I’ve done several that worked. Sounds a little like the taxiway edging lines.

Please let me know if you get an update on this. Wouldn’t want the blast pads not loading into KLAX when that gets updated.

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