Blast pads are not recognized as part of the runway

Looks like a Runway texture to me, isn’t it?
It’s KSNA, at the end of runway 20R.

Overshooting the runway above 35kts will cause a taxi speed violation. @matt @philippe


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Wow great catch! This is definitely a bug.

Just tried reproducing this. The runway marker shows up right at the beginning of the zebra stripes. After leaving that area (I rolled over that and onto the blastpad) at 50 kts, I got a taxi speed violation.

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I think this happens on all runway that has blast pads. I had it happen to me after landing early at KONT. Granted I landed early so I should have been scolded!

It could be due to how the runway/airport is drawn. If you open it in WED I noticed some users are creating scenery where the blast pad and connecting taxiways are drawn manually with the runway placed on top.
It’s also possible to create runways with displaced thresholds in wed. Maybe these wouldn’t behave the same.
If the runway didn’t have a displaced threshold, soon as you leave the threshold, the game considers you to be on a taxiway so you get a violation over 35kts.

Also kind of think the 35kts rule shouldn’t be enforced on high speed exit taxiways.


I tested it myself and checked WED. It is an actual blast pad extending from the runway, but there is an asphalt taxiway underneath it (not sure if that affects anything but it shouldn’t).

In that case it must be either the runway detection, or the code that handles penalties.

I think if you overshoot a runway, at any speed, let alone 35 knots, you SHOULD be given a violation!