Blast Pad Chevrons

Basic Info
Overun areas, StopWays, or simply Blast Pads, is an area in the beggining of a runway mainly used to protect the runway against jet blast erosion, or to help stop an aircraft in case of a runway overun.
Blast Pads are marked by Big Yellow Chevrons, Usually aircraft are not allowed to Taxi, Takeoff, Or Land unless there is an emergency.

Blast Pads are in Infinite Flight as they are added by the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team, but the big yellow chevrons do not render as the Developers have not added support for them…

Credit’s to Google Earth for providing me the satellite imagery for the blast pads of runways 8R and 12 at Miami International Airport!

They used to be there using taxi lines. They removed them though. 😕

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You got my vote Chief! I’ve wanted to see these for a long time.

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IFAET were instructed by the Developers to not draw blastpad arrows as they would add support for them, they said this years ago and we have not heard anything since, decided to make this request as this adds lots of realism when it comes to a runway.


We really need these so that pilots know they are blastpads, and don’t go on them!

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Great topic - also, I just realised. There are chevrons at Skiathos - should that be reported on the inaccuracy sheet?

Yes, it should be removed as soon as possible, fill this out and I will let a supervisor on the IFAET Slack know, thanks for the report :).

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I am bumping this because this would add a ton of realism you’ve got my vote.