Blast From The Not So Distant Past

Earlier today, from the depths of my house, my old iPad 2 resurfaced in a rather nice condition, aside from the dead battery. The device has a stockpile of long outdated programs, stuck in time with the devices’ latest supported ios version being 9.3.5. With the release of 21.4, I thought it would be neat to look back at an older version of IF.

I’m a little conflicted on what topic category to shove this into. I don’t think the fits in #screenshots-and-videos since it doesn’t really center around a flight, but at the same time it is screenshots.

The familiar, yet outdated, Home Screen. No traffic was able to load on the home screen’s map.

This IF version wasn’t able to download other aircraft, login to Google or FB, download other locations, and restore purchases.

It sat at this screen for a solid minute, but seeing as it’s 10 year old mobile hardware, that seems pretty good.

Once it did load, switching in the cockpit camera of the C172 makes me thankful we received the C172 rework.

Taking off, the first flight this ipad had done in 5 years or so now.

Switching back into cockpit cam for ascent, the device runs this older version of IF at what feels like 30fps.

Taking in the old generated scenery. It was a good call to move onto satellite imagery for global.

and no this topic wasn’t made on the iPad 2, it didn’t load IFC no matter what browser I tried!

This is one of the rare times I’ve made a topic on IFC…. If I messed something up, let me know


And that’s why people should appreciate where we are now!


Wow, it looks beautiful, and look at the water!

I miss those days, glad you still have a device that can run it!

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I’m surprised the thing actually booted up from around 5 years of lying around, let alone run IF!

Ah the old Infinite Flight, where the only flight I could do was LAX - SFO because I had no clue how to fly. Brings back memories!

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I didn’t check, but I’m pretty sure this version of IF didn’t even have LAX and SFO in the same region! Amazing how far we have come

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The old water is one of the most nostalgic things ever. I miss the old days of IF.

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Man I remember those days!


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