Blank screen.

Hi there guys!
I was recently doing a flight from Tokyo Henada to Osaka in an 737-800, I was about to begin my final, I was at 3000 MSL and my screen went blank. Now, an hour later, I tried to start up a flight in an A380 but it was still black, everything still shows, the hud, the airport names, runway names, but the scenary and aircraft are black. Here is an example

The time of day is noon, but still like this.


Have you tried reinstalling the app or changing your graphics settings? Also could you please tell us your device. That could help a lot ;-)

  • Reboot your device
  • Lower graphics settings in the sim and try again.
  • Change the time of day.
  • Try a different airport and see if it is the same.
  • When all else fails uninstall / reboot / reinstall / adjust graphics / try again.

@Chris_S @Pilot999 I reset my graphics settings and made them higher, and restarted the app, it worked, thanks guys!

Who should I give the solution to?

You’re welcome ;). Hope to see you today at FNF!

Happy landings! ✈

It’s your choice. I’ve never got a solution before he he…

@Pilot999 Thanks to you! I will be, though not as JAL, but as EK from Henada to Dubai! What server you in? PM me.

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