Blank Map

Hi, I don’t know if this has something to do with the update today, but midflight my flight plan has disappeared twice, I do not know if a feature was added and I am possibly misusing it or not? Anyone have any ideas or the same problem?

Yeah, it happened to me too…

Is it disappearing on the HUD/Cockpit views?

Yes, It is completely erased and I have to remake the plan.

Oh, your whole plan disappears…?

Are you accidentally pressing the Direct button when clicking on a waypoint?

No. I After a while it just resets, I do not click anything when it does reset.

Hmm very strange…

Do you happens to have screenshots?
Also please list your:
Operating System
IF version (Probably newest update)

At the moment, I can not post screenshots at the E-mail on my iPad is screwed up. But I have an iPad Air and latest version of IF.

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Im going to do a loop around the Chicago region and see if anything happens. Ill even list my flight plan if you want to test this with me.

Do you know how to upload screenshots to the forums? Do you actually have screenshots that you can see?

I do, but there is not really anything to show other than a blank map, thats it.

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Do all the airports, fixes, VORs, terrain, etc. disappear as well or just your FPL?

Just the FPL.

Ok, I think I have fixed the problem, it seemed to have happened when I would pause mid flight. I restarted my device and I have had not had the problem since.

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