Blank characters bug

I don’t know how exactly to replicate, so I’m guessing this is very rare
Fixed by relaunching by the way, just to put it out there that this bug exists

(Font corruption?)

iPhone 5
32 GB
iOS 10.0.2

WSAP Parking A02/A01 (could be others as well)


Delete the apps n reinstall the apps should able solve the issue.

This happen due you got internet intermittent and data packet loss.

Happens rather often, known thing.


This is a know issue and has been reported many times.

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Try other internet line.

the same thing happens to me i just exit out of the app double click my iPads home button, and close the app, and then get back in and its fixed, this has happened to me about 3 times, and i just bought live (went with live+ great deal) this summer.

u don’t need to delete and restall

I’m not asking for a solution, just to say that this bug happens :)
Thanks for your inputs anyway!

Seems like it’s random and it happens to a number of people, restart the app for now. Not sure if the devs have something cooking, but nothing publicly AFAIK.

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