Blake Pope || ATC Tracking Thread || "CLOSED" ||

Hello Community. I have seen multiple people doin this so I am making a tracking thread. Please come out and support when I am open :)

Airport -
Status - CLOSED

Hey there community! I am currently open at TNCM and hope to see you there :)


Feedback = Much appreciated

That was a good session =) It looks really good and professional the entire time I was tuned in.

Dont be afraid to send people around when they are too close on final, it doesnt have to be on short final. As TNCM for most airliners means back taxi is required since there is only one exit for jets.

Some people just do not understand the concept of maintain slowest practical speed. They probably wont listen on TS but the fact that you know you sent them around meant that you did all you could.

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Thanks for the feedback :) That N2DV guy didn’t know his right 360 from his left 360 and his right traffic from his left traffic. I did end up sending him around and kept giving him follow instructions and check help pages commands. Hope to see you in an upcoming session!

Community. I am open at KSSC! Come and fly :)

Closed due to noob pilots. Specifically ZZ11 and UAV175

One way you can do it is to ignore them, I used to deny them service and let them do whatever they want, including taking off into other pilots.

Because I find that if everyone in the community pretends they are not there and accepts that although taking off into these people are unrealistic, we cant really be realistic if we see them there. So by ignoring them and treating them as invisible entities, the session becomes very smooth.

Wht I used go do was swipe their slip away making them appear white. So all I need to do is serve the blue planes who are following instructions.

People will always be attracted to ATC services, you cant possibly close everytime you meet one.


Community. I will be providing my services @ TNCM! Come out and fly some patterns or something.


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I’m coming to do some pattern work.

You are doing great so far! (I’m APG14, but you probably could have guessed that)

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Haha yes I guessed it! Thanks for coming out

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Did I follow instructions correctly? You said to do left traffic then told me to follow the other aircraft on right downwind so I was confused.

Pm me when you are next open preferably the weekends! =D

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Yes, you followed instructions. When I said follow the traffic on right downwind that just means that he will be ahead of you in the pattern/he will turn base first :)

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Will be sure to pm you :)

I am doing the same method as you as I need the practice to become an Infinite Flight Controller! =D

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My phone died in the middle of my second downwind, but it was fun while it lasted!

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