Blackpool Airshow 2019

Blackpool Airshow this year wasn’t fantastic, with the Brietling Jet Team dropping out due to one of the Aircraft having an Engine Failure, and one of the two days was cancelled due weather, but here are some photos…

James McMillan from the Blades Aerobatics Team, disembarking after their performance.

The Blades making there way back to Hangar 3.

Blade 5

Jim Peterson, waving from the cockpit of his Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Blades taxiing there way out to Runway 28.

The Eurofighter Typhoon

Nice Parking!

The Famous Wingwalkers


Getting close to that Typhoon was quite cool, especially when you got that heat from the engines when it turned onto Bravo, was nice on a breezy day lol.

All photos are mine but use them as you wish :)


Awesome pictures! What camera did you use?

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It’s a Canon EOS 800D with a 75-300mm Lense :)

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looks like a great day, nice pictures

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Your photography skills are amazing! It’s obvious that you have a talent for it!

Love the photos! Keeps em’ coming!


Is… that… the… TYPHOON? 😍

Love the pictures mate. 👌

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