Blacking out

My screen is blacking out every time when on the ground except it’s white please fix it I am seriously ticked pls fix this.

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Hi, Are you sure you haven’t got Auto Brightness on? And if you are in the A330 Please read Levet’s post above and reinstall IF

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It’s all the planes I fly. It doesn’t matter.

What @Levet said still applies. It happens whether you are flying the A330, or around the A330.

If you’re experiencing issues with the newly updated A330 views, please delete Infinite Flight and install the latest version (19.1) from your respective App Store. A fresh install will resolve this issue.

You can also see this issue if you are in another aircraft, but have the newly updated A330 nearby.

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Can we see a screen shot of what you are seeing?


But it was fixed yes?

Yes. But if I have further problems I’ll put it back on.

Ok I just wanted to make sure.

I have the same issue but if I delete infinite flight will I have to pay for it again

No you will not. You will lose any saved replay files though. Be sure to back up any replays you want to keep.

thankyou so much I’m going to check if I still have the issue thankyou I’m very grateful