Blackhawk Adventures

These photos are from my time overseas and stateside, and mostly consist of maintenance test flights I went on for confidence flights (I performed a lot of maintenance on a few of the aircraft you see). Personally, I just love to be in the air and I wanted a reason to fly. Not pictured is a UH-60A that was 39 years old at the time I worked on it.

On this flight, the pilots were keeping up with their hours and we happened to turn wrenches on the aircraft, so they offered to let some mechanics tag along. We were doing all sorts of crazy maneuvers. What you see is the helicopter touching down while moving at around 60 knots. Aircraft is a UH-60L.

This one was overseas, on a UH-60L. I was riding in the crew chief seat on this one, and we were moving areas. We were flying through valleys.

This was stateside in Texas, and we were having some low-flying fun after me and another mechanic worked on the stabilator. Aircraft was a UH-60L.

This is on the same aircraft as the first picture. Here you can see what rotorwash looks like on camera.


Ohh! Nice photos! I’ve seen Blackhawk before around where I love and they’re LOUD!


You know what this means…


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