Blackened Airport at Darknight

I found a new problem since Update 21.6, Where I can’t see the Airport at all during Darknight, While flying, I like set time to Curent Time, but because of this problem I had to set it to a safe time to see the Airport, I hope this is temporary. Here I give some screenshots below:

This is the Airport on Blue Night

And this is the bug, when we set the Darknight time

This is some more screenshots

Note: Set your cellphone’s lighting to 100% if you want to compare clearly

I hope this bug is seen and fixed by Developers soon, and if anyone has a similar problem, please comment below and maybe someone has a solution regarding this bug. Thanks you guys!


I always had to turn the brightness up to 100% and that had my iPad feeling like it was gonna catch on fire! I really hope they add decent lighting for runways and taxiways as well as parking spaces

wasnt this Always the problem?

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Before 21.6 I can still see it clearly even though I have to adjust the lighting as much as possible, now I can’t

oh i see

Yes, that’s what it means. I hope this bug is known by developer and solved soon

I believe that this has something to do with the changes to the graphics engine that is related to Project Metal. While it isn’t yet complete, and being launched in phases, it is possible that this is something that cannot be addressed immediately, but something that would be fixed later down the line.

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Thank you Lord! Your answer is quite enlightening my thinking :D

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