Black terrain

Just went on solo to practise a few flights but then to see a black terrain. image
I tried restarting the app, changing the graphics settings but nothing seems to work
I’m on an iPhone 8 on iOS 11.4.1 (latest)


First of all, which Infinite Flight version are you running? (Tap about and see top left corner)
How much available storage do you have?

Clear your scenery cache in settings. Works 9/10 times for me.

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This shouldn’t be happening at all in the first place, so I’d prefer if he didn’t until i have more information.

I have 7gb left and the version I’m running is 17.4.6498.31078

Okay, please go to App Store and update. The version you are running are several months old and this problem can occur on versions older than 18.2.

Updating will resolve the issue and ensure you also have access the new features :)

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Oh didn’t realise there were several updates. Thanks a bunch

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Drop me a PM if there’s any additional issues :)