Black Terrain

Seems to be happening again. Why would this happen during my descent rather than show signs earlier into my flight? Pretty disappointing to sit through 3 hours just to quit.

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I think the cause of this is a small corruption when downloading the terrain/scenery files from FDS…

Does it happen every time you fly?

Before your flight just close all other apps open

No, last time this happened was when Global just came out.

My iPad is brand new, 25GB of open space. I only use it for IF, and no other apps are running in the background.

Note: my graphics are always set to ‘High’ and I’ve never had any issues or lag due to this.

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This could be a connection issue, your connection was probabaly interrupted whilst in flight, since IF needs a constant stable connection to stream terrain. Check your wifi or put your device in airplane mode then switch back to a stable connection.

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Check this out.


Other people also had this issue, had something to do with corrupt terrain files. I’d say to lower your graphic settings.

This is a known issue and is still being looked into. Try lowering your your graphics settings.

It is also advised to uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight.


Check your WiFi I had the same problem with bad WiFi!

Ok, if your device is disconnected for long periods of time, IF will kill your session then scenery won’t be loaded. (There are also other causes to black terrain ;)

Please continue in the other topic. Thanks!