Black terrain midway through flight, should I bother continuing?

Pretty much what the title says… still have 13 hours to go, should I continue?

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This seems to be where most people report the issue, I suggest continuing here.


If you have APPR/Autoland, then might as well get the flight time if you don’t care about scenery. Use it to land at your destination airport/black hole.


It is rare but I am not aware of anything you can do to solve it mid-flight. Usually an app restart is needed.

It’s normally reported on final, hence the new thread as it’s a niche question during flight that I want answered and noticed mate.

Try my luck against the mods haha

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Damn. Thought that was the case.

Was going to be my longest flight! Haha

Thanks for the help guys @Chris_S, @Chief305, @tomthetank

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