Black screen

Hi virtual pilots i have a problem since the day started my infinite flight app has been showing black screen when you start the game, it’s even not showing the logo. what could be the problem
Nokia 3.4
android 11
please help

Hello, You have restart your Nokia or reinstall Infinite flight ?

i have done all that but no success…and i have been flying using this phone

Hey did you update the app recently, in other words could it be that 22.6 has messed up your device?

maybe because i have the latest version… and i have flew i think 3times with the new version

If you’ve flown with it it might not be it then…

so what might be the problem

To be very honest I don’t know, I saw you tried reinstalling the app and I don’t know what else can be done, I am of no help from now on sorry

👍👍👍👍 thank you

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