Black screen when opening IF

Device: Moto Edge 5G
Operating system: Android 12

Whenever I try and open IF, it just shows a black screen. it has done this since I got the phone, and I have not found a solution anywhere else. I have tried reinstalling, uninstalling and restarting my phone, clearing the memory on the play store, and just closing and reopening the app. It still works on my old phone, a Moto G Power, but it does not perform well and I wanted to see how it would perform on this phone.

Many thanks!


Welcome to the Infinite Flight community!

Try to uninstall IF, restart your device, then reinstall the app.

Restarting your device before reinstalling IF might help.


Sorry to hear.
This issue is currently something we’re investigating but don’t have anything firm on it yet.

Are you able to share the exact model number of your device? It should be under “Settings → About” or similar.



Thanks for getting back to me! I have my model number right here.

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