Black screen when i open the game

Hi pals, since the last update, when I open I.F. nothing happens and everything is black, I can’t do anything in the game, I hope you can help me please. I have a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5g, thanks

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Have you tried to restarting your device or reinstall the app?

Also, do you have good amount of storage to run IF?

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I have the same problem sometimes…i just close the game and open it again so it works fine.


When you say “Last update”, are you referring to your last device update? If so, did the device update to MIUI 13.2?

I tried both and I have 50 GB of storage left

Yeah, since the last device update, I tried everything but nothing happens

Thanks! I suspected as much.

We’ve received one additional complaint from 1 other user who is experiencing the same issue and will start investigating it as it seems to be more than one isolated incident.

What is your current callsign used in the app, if you have a subscription that is? :)

Yesterday I was going to renew the subscription to the game and I ran into the problem, and my callsign is Lan Chile 2705 heavy :D

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