Black Screen Crash

Hi everyone!

So a couple days ago, I noticed that my game would boot up to a black screen for about 3 seconds and then crash and wouldn’t be able boot after. I thought reinstalling the app and restarting my device would do the trick. And it did. Only today I booted the app and got the same problem and the game is now unplayable for me. Which is a shame.

Is it just me that is having this problem?

iPad Air 2
iOS 11.0
IF Version 16.13.0

Hmm, IPad Air 2 shouldn’t be the problem as that’s a fairly new device.

Could be your internet? Have you tried rebooting internet?

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That’s the very first thing I tried as that is usually what fixes most issues. It’s literally only started happening these past few days.

I wouldn’t have thought it would been an internet issue as it doesn’t even show the Infinite Flight logo screen.

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Is this topic similar to anything you have experienced?

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Umm… i think so… it happens all the time

Unfortunately not, if I can I’ll post a video of the issue.

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WOW ok update. Now it seems to work fine without any issues. So weird. Thanks everyone!


Coincidence, I think not…

Jokes aside, hopefully it won’t happen again and if it does, consider changing some in-game settings.

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I hope it won’t happen again 😂 As I said it hasn’t been a long term issue so I don’t know what the problem is… At least it works.

I have an iPad Air 2 and have had very few issues. How many GB do you have free? I have a 32GB device and I always keep 5-10 GB free. My recommendations:

  • Back-up your device

  • Clear/Clean-Up your Photos (Keep some memory free)

***I also do a soft reset/restart daily after closing all open apps ;)

If freeing up memory doesn’t work then try this:

  • Restore the iPad to factory settings

  • Update to the latest OS again

  • Re-install IF and its respective contents (Regions and Aircraft)


I have 16GB free which I’m sure is more than plenty. I’ll try those steps if it continues to happen. Thanks!

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