Black screen apon opening app [#1315]

Your Callsign

I F A E Eleven

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (981)

Device Information

Samsung S8
Android 9


Happened to me a few times at unexpected times but when opening infinite flight I sometimes get a black screen instead of the Infinite Flight loading page. To fix I have to restart the app

Steps to reproduce

  • Open Infinite Flight from your device
  • See if black screen appears instead of the Infinite Flight logo

Expected results

Go directly to the Infinite flight loading screen where logo is show apon entering the app

Actual results

Goes to a black screen and no progress is made

Log sent?


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Able to repro.

Samsung Galaxy S8+
Android 9.0
20.02 (981)

How often does this happen?

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Like I said its very random and happens every so often today i would say maybe happened 1-2 times. I can monitor this more if you would like

Unable to reproduce, have not seen this yet

Device: iPhone 11
Operating System: iOS 14.0.1
Build Info: 20.02.00 (459)

I found a stable repo for me on the S8.

  • Open Infinite Flight
  • Head back to the main menu on your phone
  • Go to another app for roughly 2min (I used Instagram, haven’t tried any other app)
  • Swipe away Infinite flight
  • Open Infinite Flight and back screen appears and not heading to the IF logo

Edit: Unable to repo on the S10 and Ipad 6th Gen only seems to happen on the S8

Still experiencing this issue even on the latest Android build (982), as Chris has mentioned it is a random occurrence, I have now attached screenshots to show what I see when I come across this.

Unable to repro

Device: Apple iPad 5th generation
Operating system: iOS 14.0.1
Build Info: 20.02.00 (461)

Experiencing similar issue.

Device : IPhone 7 Plus
iOS: 12(?)

Action :
Launch App

Expected Result:
Load App

Achieved Result:
App crashed return to home screen.

Action Taken:
Restarting Phone.
Close App and relaunch.