Black out screen

Currently doing a long haul flight and it would be great if there was an option to black out the screen to save some battery, esp. for over night flights. Some may like and some may not since they prefer to closely monitor their flight.

  • This would be very similar to the “none” option that we have for ATC control. Basically once we reach our desired altitude, we can turn on autopilot, and have the option of having a black screen over the application similar to how it would be when turning off your phone. The app would still run in the background and we could possibly even have timers like, Set black timer for 1 hour.

I think this topics have been closed as IF is a normal app and it has to run if you want to play it …

Tip: Put time on night, go to tail mode and point toward the sky, it’s basically your feature

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That’s what phone brightness is for. Just turn that down to absolute minimum. Then, when you are preparing to land, increase your screen’s brightness to your liking.


Are you saying pilots should be able to turn off their device or make the screen go dark with just a few controls? Perhaps add some more detail to your request so we can better understand what you’re asking for.

Like once we turn on autopilot and are in a cruise control we have the option to black out the screen just like closing your phone and the app still runs.

I see where you’re coming from. Sort of like the ‘None’ camera option you get as ATC. I like it. Maybe just add some more detail to the original post so others can get a better idea of what it’s like. Have a scroll through, #features, you’ll find that some requests are extremely detailed. Don’t have to write a full on essay, just enough so people understand ;)

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And what happens if someone gets a violation while on the none screen without knowing? Opens up a lot of other stuff.

If you are concerned about battery life on long haul flights, I personally dim the brightness all the way down, and turn BS on IF. (Not on my device).

Maaan ! I have the same idea ! I thought about the same black screen as ATC Controller have in Tower option. Especially these this with iOS issue

PS: If you don’t like this idea, guys, just leave the topic. I am gonna vote for this

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Why we should put this in ATC ? You are there to control, not save battery or let the game AFK.
I don’t understand your point

You didn’t understand (or I didn’t explain correctly what I said. Hold on i’m Gonna post example

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This « OFF » camera option is what I was talking about

Reason to put this for flight :

  1. Less battery usage
  2. Less performance needed (good for RAM and overall performance)
  3. No scenery load so, server not used, more resources for other users (with bandwidth per ex.) and no iOS Crash ! 😊

This should be added. I think about it days ago, but OP, you got it first !


Ok i understand
But seriously Is that hard to run IF, it take minimum 1gb of RAM.

Apple just released a new phone and it’s strong and cost not a lot of $$ (520$US)

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yes but as you see some users don’t have the money to pay a IF subscription. How someone would spend 520$ Only for a flight simulator ?
IF developers’ goal is to make IF working fine for almost every device, with minimum performance requirements.

But well. I think IF devs Mase this ATC camera option because to have better performance, when you controlling you don’t need to have view of airports with planes downloading and showing in the screen, especially for APP DEP frequencies.

Ik but if You don’t have the device for this game. Not If developers problem. (Ik they try their best to optimize the game)

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Yes. A sort of balance need to be made between performance and quality

I would like this option, an ATC Camera off camera as a pilot. Good suggestion!


But think after the B777 rework the next one will be the A220 C-Series

Mmh I see you added this. I know a feature request exist for background running, but it’s OS side’s not possible at this time. (OS memory management would reset the app after some time off)

Just keep this topic about a in-App-running black screen, and eventually my example which Trio also talk about