Black line markings on water textures


Outside of VABB I noticed these black segments in the ocean, I did indeed clear my scenery.
This image depicts these lines, if someone can perhaps verify if they see this; that would be great.
These are view oriented and are near the horizon.


I’m pretty sure that’s 100% normal. It’s just a slightly different colour due to the shore beneath the ocean

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Oh ok.
At a lower altitude they are located just at the shore line.

Yes so it’s just the different depths of the water making it look different. If you go to some other beach areas you will see it there also.

I’m sure it has always been like this ever since GLOBAL came out!

So I’m quite sure you guys are noticing the darkness where the shoreline is.
If you look to the horizon you can see a line of black dots along that line, quite far out to the ocean.

Could you point it out in the picture, I cannot see it.

Look very closely 👀

Oh that’s normal. I see that in a few of my own screenshots, I think it’s just normal as the quality of the texture decreases as you fly away from it to improve performance.

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