Black_Bird‘s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KAUS

Hi IFC let me shortly introduce myself: my IF name is Black_Bird (Callsign: B-LCK) and I’m an aspiring IFATC ground/tower controller. I have created this tracking thread in order to help me learn and one day to become an IFATC member. So hopefully some of you will jump by, see you on the TS. All feedback highly appreciated!

For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)

Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns!

  • Server: Training
  • Airport: KAUS
  • Frequencies: Ground/Tower
  • Runways: 17L 17R
  • Duration: n/a
  • NOTAMs: n/a

I’ll drop by. I am not quite IFATC, but know the tracking thread drill well from my own.


Perfect thx


I was VT- VAR

there are some points

1 Thr was no point for telling to extend downwind as a GA air raft takes very short time to take off.
2 No need to give clearfor option again after turn base as you have already given me before .



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Thx for dropping by. The conditions for a beginner were, let’s say, suboptimal :D. I try to do better next time at a smaller airport! @David_Mullen

absolutely right! Thx for coming by!

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Good start. Here are a few problems I noticed:

The “Hold short” command was okay because of FedEx 611 just exiting the RWY. Probably unnecessary though because I had just tuned in to Tower and had not requested departure. No big deal. You will refine handling of these situations as you practice.

When a pilot request takeoff, remaining in the pattern, remember to add “make left/right traffic” to the cleared for takeoff command. You left it off for me, leaving me without the necessary pattern entry instruction.

I was cleared for the option, #2, but hadn’t gotten a sequencing command. For #2 and above, always send a sequence, then a clearence.

I’d recommend hour long sessions at least. I’m guessing you cut out early because of the busy and complicated airport selection. Stick to out of the way twin parallel runway commercial airports. A couple of my favorites are KEUG and KSMF.

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Thx for you detailed analysis!

Right. I did with the other airplane and messed up with your clearance.


Absolutely, I’ll do. Things went out of control. That was too much with the other aircrafts inbound and departing, 2 planes in pattern, and ground control of 5 planes same time. Thx for your tip man. Appreciate it!

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Open again @EGCC

I’m en route

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G-DRXW’s Feedback

  1. Transitional Altitude = 2500' + Airport Elevation, in this case, your airport is 257ft above sea level and you always want to round up so the transitional altitude should have been 3000' MSL or above.

  2. My initial pattern command was to join left downwind, considering VT-VAR (Hi again @Varunsehdev) was just departing, he could have been sequenced behind me. It ended up getting fixed near the end but that's fine.

  3. The next bit of feedback all falls into the "Overcontrolling category". Keep in mind these two things, sequence and clearance, no need to repeat unless they're changing runways.
    1. After I took off again, you immediately cleared me to land for the option number two. Sequencing goes first and then clear as early as Crosswind, Downwind, and at the latest, on Base. The initial clearance was honestly unnecessary and it could've waited until VT-VAR was on the roll again.
    2. Sequenced me behind traffic on final (VT-VAR) while I was on downwind : perfect <3
    3. You gave me another clearance when I was on a short final, that one was unnecessary considering you already gave me a clearance. I love clearances but one is enough. xD

Overall, I think these are the main points to work on, I’ll gladly help in any way I can. If you’re opening up again, I welcome you to tag me :)
Kind Regards,


Hi, first of all thx for your attendance and your flight!

absolutely, this one was perfect, as I didn´t see it coming. I was a bit of surprised ;). Your right. As you requested your transition there was no other AC in the pattern for that moment right? Asking because of the 1000 AAL separation?!


Your right again. this is definitely a problem for me atm. Less is more as always.

thx, I´ll do so. Feel free to tag me as well :). I´ve seen you´re a step further than me in your test run.

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@Drxw last one for today. All the others: KSMF I now open

Hollywood is open. @Drxw

@Drxw @Paul_G and all other pilots, opening LFMN right now. Feel free to fly by.

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Hi there 👋🏻

I’ll go in a few minutes :)

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Thx for coming by @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL any feedback appreciated!

EGCC open for some patterns. @Drxw @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @Paul_G @_GamingXP20_VATSIM

Hi there, I was YU-MMY. I think for this time you do a good session! No issues from me.


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Perfect, thx for your kind words! You did some good landings :)
Do you mind if I tag you for further sessions?