Black_Bird‘s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @EDDM

Feedback from N3PD:

Sequencing and clearances were good no issues there.

Only issue was when i requested runway change you gave me Right DW not that thats a problem but i would recommend since there was no traffic on 23L i would have given an left DW entry if there is traffic you can always have a plane extend upwind and call their CW but overall no issues you did great


Feedback G-UMMY

-Transition was good
-Sequencing was good
-Good conflict resolved when I request runway change on final, could have maybe been cleared to land earlier but was good overall
-Taxi to parking when I requested taxi to active runway, make sure to always double check!

Thanks for having me, always a pleasure attending!

Haribo :)

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As Jason said, It’s much easier also to keep track of planes if planes on left downwind are for 23L and planes on right downwind are on 23R!


You’re right guys, thx all for your attendance. It was a good practice session and you did a good job in challenging me. That’s what I’m here for. I feel more confident session after session. Cu next time!


Great, that was the aim!

See you next time :)

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Opening EDDM right now, if someone wants to come by @Haribo @Varunsehdev @ThomasR @Syncline @MJP_27 @David_Mullen @Drxw