BKK-LHR. Thai B744

Greetings everyone!

Initially, I was to fly the Boeing 777-200ER on this one, but… I was feeling a little bit nostalgic yesterday and I decided to fly a livery that I’ve not touched since the pre-global days. It really seems that I need to start flying the “Queen” more and more before a rework happens because, I don’t know what could happen to these liveries since their days have been outnumbered.

I decided to give the Thai Jumbo some much needed love on a 12 hour long run from Bangkok to London. Indeed, this is a livery that I adorn along with Malaysia & Cathay Pacific.

Photos were taken on the Expert server with edits made by Adobe Lightroom.


u got some great shots of the 744 !

I like the second pics. Soon, we have not seen the 747 passenger version anymore.

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