Bizzare issue preventing me from taking off in a straight line

I’m currently tearing my hair out with the most bizarre issue currently with IF. The long and short; I am seemingly unable to take off in a straight line.

So everytime I go to take off, the plane when I start rotating, seems to turn left or right and veer off the runway. The plane almost always leaves the ground still on the runway and as I get airbourne the plane levels out instantly and has me flying perfectly straight.

I reset my controls to default and have calibrated immediately before take off, with the same results every single time.

I thought it may be an issue with the g-sensor on my device but the plane can be held perfectly level in the air. I have also turned up the null/deadspot to max and again it happens with then perfect level flight upon takeoff, which leads me to believe it isn’t a g-sensor issue.

I started to think it was me, so I downloaded IF on my partners device and my tablet and was able to take off perfectly straight without any issues using the same aircraft.

I have tried with zero winds and rudder controls being used and no matter what I can’t do it on this phone.

The best way I can recreate it on another device is to point the nose into the runway and speed to 200 knots and it begins to veer off aggressively. That’s almost the behaviour.

I’ll happily upload any replay files if it’s required but hoping somehow someone knows what is causing it!

Android 10
Samsung S20 Galaxy Ultra
IF version 19.04.2
Airbus A319

does the aircraft tilt?

Does this happen on solo with zero winds?
Try turning off Auto-Coordination in the settings.
Are you using a flight yoke or anything?
Even a few kt winds will require rudder to stay straight on the runway. I would reset your control settings to the defaults and try again.


Happens on solo with zero winds. Everything on zero. I had auto-coordination turned off already and switching it on hasn’t improved it either unfortunately. I’ve also reset my controls to default as my post and also tried setting the null zone to the max. The aircraft veers off and then levels out perfectly with me having to really tilt the device hard to turn so doesn’t seem to be a sensor issue. No external yoke either! Seems to be affecting this device only.

How do you mean sorry?

Have you rebooted?

Worse case you can back up any replays you want to keep and uninstall / reinstall Infinite Flight.


I wish I’d read that first as I just lost my replays… but, just reinstalled it and it works perfectly. Problem solved! To be honest with how frustrating it’s been, I’ll take a loss of replays for now! Thanks for the help!


Glad it it working for you!

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