Bizzare ATC bug

I’ve just been controlling at KPSP on TS1, only to find people were getting commands that I hadn’t sent them. I’m wondering if someone else was able to control at the same time perhaps?

In these examples, I issued commands for Right Downwind for 31L, but did not issue clearances or tell anyone to maintain best forward speed or slowest practical speed.

Anyone know why this is happening?


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is clearly a bug, it also happens to us IFATC sometimes, maybe you should post it on #support


If your device is a Nintendo Switch, then that’s why ATC is giving random instructions XD


By far the creepiest and strangest bug I’ve ever seen.


Maybe you and someone else both joined at KPSP on the same time and for a strange reason no one did became a observer.

@Mubashir a while ago there was a bug that you can control on casual server, that is more strange haha


I would just like to say right now, that flight plan has the most questionable and sharp turns I’ve ever seen, and that includes @DeltaCRJ-900’s flight plans.

In relation to the bug, that is really strange, and the only thing I can think of is that maybe either:

  • The system is automatically sending the speed requests to best vector the aircraft
  • Ghosts are coming for you
  • Like what @DS2001 said, two people joined at the same time and no one became an observer

You forgot about the Nintendo Switch lol. Too much bugs on it currently.

Back on topic

What do you expect? It’s TS1, planes land on taxiways!

Yes. This happens to me a lot. I join as someone else is. Then both of us are issuing contradicting commands.

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