Bitchin' Betty (MD-11)

She became the iconic, unique voice of the MD-11 and has to come with the MD-11:

McDonnell Douglas invited many professional speakers to find the best one for their callouts. An employee, Patricia Hoyt also participated in the competition and the result was that her voice was the clearest, most convincing.
Amd that’s how she became Bitchin’ Betty.

We definitely need her for the callouts in our new IF- MD-11.

there are english subtitles available for the video


Unique my man. I likes.


Would be nice on the F/A-18 too.


I’m intrigued… Nice request.

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I read something about Bitchin’ Betty a while back and was going to post something about it but didn’t want to get flagged for inappropriate language.


It’s the only name for her callout voice.


Isn’t Bitchin’ Betty the lead aircraft for the F/A-18 Hornets? It retired a few months ago. I don’t know how it’s name got used for the MD-11 though…


Yeah its still on Boeing website

It’s the name used for any sorts program that tells you to do something. Alot of aircraft have it. The voice that says pull up, pull up or over g over g. Or any if those warnings can be nicknamed betty

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There are actually two Bitchin’ Betties around, one for the F/A-18 and one for the MD-11. This request is mainly for the upcoming MD-11…

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Since I’ve exceeded my voting limit I’m going to bump! Definitely one of the things that makes MD aircraft so unique!


Amazing request. Defintiely support this!


Amazing! Would vote for this but I have no votes left…

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I heard Betty while in the cockpit of the KLM MD11 at the landing at AMS!

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If this gets added with the MD-11, then it will have its unique callouts.

It would be very nice to have this voice! Would be interesting to have some new callouts! :)

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Did they mean it as a swear word? Im asking cause there might be another meaning… If not I wonder how this hasn’t got flagged

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It’s a slang term used in the aviation community. Not intended to be a swear word.


That’s quite some language lol

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Is this another person who got the name Bitchin betty? So far I’m only familiar with a lady named Leslie Shooks

(For those who don’t know what she sounds like, Video is above.)

This should be added. I’m tired of every plane having the Boeing GPWS callouts.