Bit confused

I was ghosted on the training server, my grade has been instated but I’m still denied access to the training server? When will I be allowed back in?

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Do a short flight in casual and see if it works

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We don’t know because you haven’t provided us with any relevant information as to what is keeping you from the server.

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Says to many violations but it was my first one? I’ve looked on my account and it says I’ve 15?

I haven’t had that many.


According to your account you have a total (which is what’s factored in for the server access) of 38 violations and 27 landings. The total number of violations can not exceed half of your landings.

Continue to get landings without violation. All 38 of your violations are for speeding. I recommend utilizing a C208, C130 or another manageable aircraft to “scale back” and work on control at a slower pace. Good luck!



Thanks for the info Tyler

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