Bishkek airport

Hi, few days ago I wanted to make a flight from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to Moscow. But I saw that Bishkek airport is not exist. So I thought maybe it is a small airport and there is no need for it. But, than I saw that osh (another big city in Kyrgyzstan) is exist. And this airport is just for domestic flights. My request is to add this airport. There are a lot of cargo flights From this airport to Istanbul and Moscow, destinations in Kazakhstan and domestic flights to osh and I’d course: to Russia. I think adding this airport will be very nice.

I may add that no airport is too small to be added. The editing team just haven’t gotten to it yet. If you want to see it sooner than later then go ahead and join the team like @Thomas_G suggested 🙂

I may add that Bishkek (UCFM) is already on IF.