Biscot's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Any and all feedback is appreciated! :)

Open at:




Open as:


If you are;


Please have a Flight Plan filed before contacting ground. Once you are ready contact tower and use the Departing north, south, east, west or straight out command

Pattern work (Touch and Goes)

Please use the Remaining in the pattern command when you contact tower!


game crashed :/ will hop back on!

Hi, good job and thanks for your ATC service.

Some feedback:

  • When you want to switch a plane to another runway, make sure to always give them a new pattern entry instruction for that runway. When I requested a change to runway 14, you cleared me for the option right away without giving a pattern entry instruction, so I had no idea whether to fly a left or right traffic pattern

  • Before sending the ‘exit runway when able’, wait before the plane is on the runway and slowed down a bit. I was still in the air when you sent it to me, what if I would have gone around? :P

  • Before approving pushback, make sure the plane requesting it is actually capable of pushing back (My TBM wasn’t) and that the aircraft is in a position where pushback is needed.

Anyways, thanks again for the ATC service!


Yeah,I recognised those instantly in my head and was like oh noo.

Here’s my feedback

This too.

You cleared me to taxi to

  1. A runway far, when there was a runway right beside me
  2. A runway incapable to allowing a normal 737 Takeoff.

After the first approach for 19, you cleared me for the option as said above, instead of giving me a pattern entry/final comment.

After I touched down is when you finally told me to go around, you saw me doing a bad approach, the go around should be given at least 250 AGL so pilots have enough time to react.

On second approach, again Clearance Time was delayed heavily.

Other than that, I look forward to a perfect session next time I come.

Thankyou, I was just about to hop off when you arrived, didn’t really think about the runway, although I will ignore that 90 degree bank angle :o

Open at YSSY, Ground/Tower. (Training Server)
Pattern and Departures are fine!

Closed at YSSY

Open at YSSY

Patterns and departures are fine.

Changed to YSCB

Now open Ground/Tower at KNZY, Pattern work and Departures are fine :)
On training server, please give some feedback if you decide to join, thank you and good day!

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You still there @biscot?

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Yep I’m still on!

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I’ll come along.

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Alrighty thanks mate!

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same for me too

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KNZY is now closed.

@Vinne @Evanpilot16 Any feedback that I could improve upon?

Not really, everything was perfect when you were controlling with me.

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Now open Ground/Tower at KONT, Pattern work and Departures are fine :)
On training server, please give some feedback if you decide to join, thank you and good day!