Birthdays and Anniversary

There is a new feature! Now below the badges and users section you can see were people have been on the forum for a year and when users birthdays are. Make sure you guys put in your birthdays!


My birthday is September the 18th soon.


I mean put in your birthday on your account info. It’s down the bottom.


Oh ok. Sorry

Oh cool I will. I was just looking at it

my birthday is friday!


Should we just adopt this thread as the official happy birthday/anniversary thread until further notice? Last thing we need is a screen full of topics wishing people a happy birthday 😂

And Happy Birthday for Friday @Sam1 ! Hope you have a great day!

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Thank you! The only gift I can get from all you guys is your guys friendship! And a regular status!! lol

My B-Day was last month …


That topic won’t fit #meta. Moreover we already have one for Regulars in the super secret category :)


This is sort of a duplicate because this topic is on “L***e” but its ok to post it here.

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I can’t see any birthdays; only mine.

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Did someone remove the button? It’s gone now.

It’s still there for me.

It’s now above the field where you select which topic to watch, track etc.

It’s completely gone for me.

The temptation to change my birthday to today.

Does it show like a birthdays thing on the main forum or something?

happy birthday to you!
i’m november 14th

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Where is this “badges and users section?”


Right there.