Birthday spotting at Constitution Beach (Runway 4R arrivals)!

Today, for my Birthday. we went to Boston for one hour at Constitution Beach to go planespotting! Today, I Turned 19, so spotting at Logan was an awesome thing I’ve always loved to do! It was a hot day, so most photos are very hazy due to the heat coming off the concrete areas.

Here are some Pictures!

Icelandair Boeing 757-200/w at Gate E5 (First plane I spotted of the day)

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Taxiing

I Love this Picture, showing Logan Tower along with Terminal C, with some jetBlue planes in the Foreground

A jetBlue Embraer E190 Takes off in the distance

Same American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Taking off

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 Hiding behind the boats and trees

Tail shot of the 787-9

Porter Airlines Dash 8 Q400 taxiing after landing

Another Angle

Hazy photo of an American Airlines Airbus A319 taxiing after landing with an Air Canada E190 taking off in the Background

Same American Airlines A319 taxiing after landing

Really hazy faraway shot of a Delta Airlines 767-300ER/w Approaching Logan (First Heavy of the Day)

Now on Final. Landing gear Extended.

Right after landing

Closeup of the Nose and Cockpit windows

Now taxiing to Terminal E

Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200/w on Final with a jetBlue Embraer E190 Taxiing to Terminal C after landing

Delta is now clear of all Runways

Spirit Airlines in the Yellow livery Airbus A320 taxiing off the runway after landing

American Airlines Boeing 757-200/w taxiing after flying in from LFPG (Paris)

Cape Air Cessna 204 takeoff from Logan (Blurry)

Delta Airlines Airbus A330 on Final. Coming in from Amsterdam

Right after landing, with Spoilers still deployed

Taxiing to Terminal E

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 Split Scimitar taxiing after coming in from Austin, TX

American Airlines Airbus A321 taxiing to Runway 15R for Departure


A Delta Connection E170 taxiing off after landing

I Hope you all enjoyed the Photos! Thanks for stopping by to view my photos and have an Awesome day, and always be positive! :)


Beautiful Photos! :)

Happy Birthday!

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Thank you! It’s a great spot to be at to view airplanes arriving and departing from Logan! And I hope you’re having a good day!

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Happy Birthday Daniel. Beautiful pictures!


Nice photos, and happy birthday!


Happy Birthday and nice shots.


Thanks Tom! It’s not easy to take photos on hot, hazy days lol


Awesome shots as usual, Daniel! And Happy Birthday buddy! 😊

I do hope you are having a great day today! 🎊🎁

God Bless You 😊

Thanks bud! I hope you’ve been having a Good day! Always be positive and be happy :)

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its my birthday today and i am also going plane spotting lol


Awesome! If you have a Camera (Even if it’s a Mobile Phone), I’d love to see some photos :)

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Love the pictures! Happy Birthday! If you need any tips just contact me via PM. Cheers!

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Try helicopter spotting… Ultra hard lol

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Thanks! The location Where these photos were taken are far from the airport, so it doesn’t look good during the day, but looks a lot better during cloudy days. And I’m not that interested in Helicopters, thanks for the recommendation though!

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Oh no, I mean spotting from a helicopter silly!

I see where you are coming from. I hate haze too. Makes it a pain in the butt to edit.


Hey! Happy Birthday!

What time were you at Constitution Beach? According to the pics you were probably there around 12-1PMEDT. I was just near there earlier doing a bit of spotting during my bike ride. :)

Here’s one of my shots:


Yes, Actually I was there from 11am-12pm. I couldn’t stay long unfortunately. Hey, maybe we can meet up someday when I go down to Boston again to planespot!

Oh man that stinks. I would definitely like to come spot with you next time if I have time. :)

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I always thought a 747 went to Boston, I guess I was wrong, is the A330 he biggest you saw?

The largest I’ve actually seen myself is a British Airways Airbus A380! I saw it only for a brief moment and I didn’t have my new Camera at that moment. BA sends in an A380 from London, which is the largest to land in Boston, and to be regularly Scheduled.

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