Birthday Party Events for our IF Planes

Hey guys, I just tried to organize an event but I crashed and burned! So I am reaching out before stepping outside of the box again with another crazy idea.

Would anyone be interested in events to celebrate birthdays?

The Cessna 208 turns 33 tomorrow:

(First flight at least)

I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of 208s flying around the region of the week, South Florida sometime tomorrow.

If only @Maxmustang was still here to back me up on this idea!

On a totally unrelated note… my birthday is tomorrow. ^-^

*Cough, I like the Virgin Atlantic A340-600s… *Cough.

Haha, almost there. Oct 25th for the Bday of the A340. Not sure about the -600 variant? At least you get to share your Bday with one of the IF planes! Happy Birthday @StikLover2!!

Everybody is free to create events whenever they wish. Just be careful to not schedule one at the same time as other events if possible. With the numbers of users and pretty much everybody having a birthday at some point, it could very quickly get out of hand. I’m not going to stop anyone from trying though, so knock yourself out. :)

@DIsraelFDS, I meant for the planes, I’ll change the thread title to be more specific. I was thinking this could be a good excuse to have an airplane specific event. I didn’t want to create an event where no one shows up. Thank you

I can do this!