Birthday not showing up

So there is a problem. Tomorrow is by birthday and I go check on Cakeday for November 2 but nothing shows!

Anybody know why?

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It’s saying that today is your birthday and has the cake beside your name today.

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What really?

For me it doesn’t

Not for me

Nah, not for me @Declan.

I wonder if it’s time zones as @Declan is in Australia and some of us are in America and Europe

It’s because I’m Melbourne (where @Declan lives) it’s already November 2nd. For all of us on the other side of the international date line, it will not show up. Rest assured, in a few hours it will show up.

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But seriously though, if you go to cakeday it says no birthdays for Nov.2

thats a good way to sum up what I said

Try setting date and time to London time as it’s already tomorrow there

@Vidal99977 this should be in #meta

Yeah, for whatever reason, it won’t show up on the “tomorrow” or “upcoming”

yeah i see nothing

However, it will show up under “all”

When you switch time in your device

Also don’t worry it’s only 10:26pm where I am

Ok so It shows nothing until I click the All button as @DiamondGaming4 stated

Well this is odd but it wojt matter anymore.

Mods may close now

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Hmm… It won’t show for me either.

Either way, happy birthday!