Birthday Flyout! @CYYC-132100ZAPR19

Is there any notifying for the event information

Where is everyone??

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Hi I’m wondering the same thing

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Oh wow! Didn’t realize this was today😦

My bad, I can not attend anymore.

Oof well I guess this event is going downhill

I’m gonna give it a few more minutes then I’m leaving because I don’t think I will be able to do this flight 😐

Ok…I hope it still is a good event

12 minutes :)

Ya I’m not sure if any more will come

I’m already spawned in. No one here except an A319

That me boi


Wow. I always find it weird when people sign up but don’t show up.

now we are forever alone

@anon45500775 @United_1154 you do realise you spawned in an hour earlier. It’s only 2100z in 20mins.

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Huh. Must be because of the daylight savings time it got messed up. It says here it is going to be held at 4pm

Yea maybe. You can look up Zulu time on google and it’ll give you the accurate time.

I hate daylight savings officially lol

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My flight in the event