Birthday Flyout! @CYYC-132100ZAPR19

Can I get 88 to MSP in a CRJ7? Thanks!

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Gate 58 is yours! Thanks for coming!

88 (I’m guessing in a Delta Livery) is yours!

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So am i in the event?

I need to switch to Gate A18 in a 737-700 to CYVR

Yes you are.

Roger that!

Gate 86 is fine.

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Roger dodger. You are signed up!

I’ll have to change my destination to something shorter if possible! If I can, I’ll keep the CRJ-900 for Jazz Air, but switch my destination to Edmonton! Thanks!

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You are now in gate 50!

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Ooh wait, I looked at the wrong airport. My thoughts were at CYYZ so now I know why I can’t fly it.

Happy birthday Btw!!

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Happy Birthday @WestJet737767! Sorry for being late on this but I’d like to join. Fun fact is I actually live in Banff so YYC is like home!

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May I change to Q400 gate 3 to CYYJ

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Happy Birthday! 🎂

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Hi. Is it possible I could fly to LAS instead? Same aircraft and all. Thx

Cant attend sorry

I’ll have to withdraw form this event as well seeing as SJC is featured tomorrow so I’ll be flying many short hops! I hope you have fun!

Yes. Feel free!

Thank you. See you at CYYC. :)