Birthday flights


Today was a special day: it was (and still is) Friday!!
That means… FNF!
So today I did Tunis-Jeddah with the Tunisair a319. It surprised me that the a319 has a very long range.
The flight was 4 hours and 4 minutes. Maybe I’ll use this little aircraft for transatlantic flights. #transatlanticNarrowbodies

Flight Information

route: Tunis-Jeddah
flight time: 4 hours and 4 minutes
aircraft / livery: a319 Tunisair

On approach

On final runway 16R

100… 50… 40…30…20…10

Oh hi there again
I also decided to explore the lesser known countries with lesser known aircraft/liveries.
Many of you probably think: “oh, he’s gonna show some African scenery”

Today I’ll show you that we even have a Venezuelan airline in IF while not many of you actually know it, so let me introduce it to you.

Avensa is an airline from Venezuela, it did regional flights but also international flights. To Madrid for example, or JFK. Sadly, when the country got in trouble the airline got too.
So now it’s just a piece of airline history…

Flight Information

route: Maracaibo-Caracas
flight time: 1 hour
aircraft / livery: DC-10 Avensa

Departure out of Maracaibo

Beautiful scenery

Some more scenery

Did a go around so @Will_A could watch my landing

Back on final again


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Have a nice day🛫😊


Some really cool pictures in there. The SWISS/Tunisair one is amazing for example!

Also the A319 can make transatlantic flights, I flew Montreal to Zurich in IF with it for example.

Thanks for sharing!

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Nice shots man! I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Don’t be fooled by the A319s range, I’ve flown 6+ hours on it IRL.

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Thanks 😊

@Lucas_Piedra what airline?

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Technically a subsidiary of Avianca, but it used to be their own separate branch. Have a read :)

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Amazing shots,

FIjne Verjaardag:)

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2 minutes too late ;), but thanks anyway🎉

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got them mate lol 😂👌

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