Birthday eve flight! KPHX-KPHL

Hi all! It’s my birthday today! And yesterday, to celebrate my birthday eve, I did a medium haul from my hometown (KPHX) to not my hometown (KPHL)
Flight info
Flight time: around 3:39 minutes I believe
Plane and livery: American Airlines B738
Route: PHX-PHL

Parked at KPHX



Cruise at FL340

Airport in sight, gears down and seatbelt signs on!

HARD touchdown (-401)

At gate
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Thanks for watching and see ya next time!


Cool Shots, Happy Birthday!

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Thank you!!


Happy Birthday my dude! Amazing pictures! Have a wonderful birthday!

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happy birthday IF pro and those shots were nice

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Happy birthday, and awesome shots!

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Hey I’ve flown on this flight before! From my hometown to yours… Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday! And that PFP is beautiful, the face tells it all

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Happy birthday, and great photos! 🥳

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Thank you @CaptainAli_yt @Airborne_Canuck @Butter_Boi @Bryan4558 @AviatorGraydon @BlueThunder08