Birthday Celebration Flight @ KJFK - 030108ZJUN16

Server: Advanced

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 0108Z

NOTAM: This is my physical birthday, not my account anniversary.

Hey guys, my birthday is coming up this week. We will recognize it by flying some Cessna 208s from KJFK to my home airport, 11N. I hope some of you guys will be able to make it. Also, come ten minutes early to see me land an aircraft of your choice! Event should be done within twenty minutes, if not then not much more than that.


I should be able to make it. Happy birthday

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This event is happening in just 3 1/2 hours! Anyone else coming?

I’ll still try to make it if no one else shows

@C_Baccari How much longer? The aircraft of your choice should be the A10!

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Just twenty five minutes until the pre-event show where I’ll land the A-10. In thirty five minutes we leave in Cessna 208s to 11N.

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Tag me when it’s about to start with the pre show a10!

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@C_Baccari, the topic says to fly C208s but could I fly an A319 or A320?

Cessna would be fine.

@hmkane ready to land!

Flight info:
Cruising at 155knts
Altitude 4,000feet

Turn towards 11N.

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Will your A320 successfully land at 11N @hmkane?

A319, and I hope! I might divert if needed

I made it! I didn’t even stall! I had plenty of runway left!

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To relive the event!!!

LOL, were you praying to make it safely?

Hints my Callsign… 😂😂 PRAY is on final runway 16

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Nice job M9, now try landing the A319 at TNCS.