Birmingham Spotting feat. Laura and more | October 7, 2018

Hi again!

After yesterdays pictures from Zurich I’m already back again with the pics I took two days later. With my flight back from Cosford’s Flight Sim Show only leaving at 6.15 pm I had plenty of time to spend at Birmingham Airport for some special spotting. Why special you might ask - Very rarely I managed to spot flights of people I know by now, this time it even turned out to be three people at once. And you know them too ;)

The first one to depart Birmingham for its travel back to Germany was @epaga onboard this Lufthansa A320 (D-AIUG) to Frankfurt. It was great to finally meet you! (crazy it happened in the UK while we are both living in Germany)

The second plane you see here was actually a double first time for me - never spotted a Flybe plane, neither did I spot a ATR 72-500. This one was not actually flying with a forum member on board, but it was headed for one. EI-REL lining up on Runway 33 for its flight to @AdamCallow aka the Isle of Man aka English Channel (Sorry for the image quality of this one, the long distance combined with other aircraft taxiing caused some heat haze here)

I bet you know the person traveling on this aircraft wearing the flybe livery - If not you might not be part of this forum for IF reasons - so I don’t have to tag her here (lucky me, otherwise some angry mod would probably knock on my door a few seconds after posting this). Flybe’s E170 G-FBJJ shortly before departure to Lyon with Laura traveling home.

Not only did I spot planes I’ve never seen before that day, I also saw one I at least haven’t seen for a long time - Qatar Airways recently changed Munich’s service to Boeing 777 from the A350, so the last visit of a Boeing 787 from the country in the Middle East dates back quite some time.

Two (or rather 1 1/2) more new aircraft to me. While TUIs German subsidary TUIfly Germany is a usual sight at my base Munich (operating 737-800s only there), Jet2 only visits us when they have some malfunctions en route. One of their 737s waiting for TUIs 757 to land.

Let’s finish the series of “Forum Members departing the UK” with @DirkGiessmann onboard the most beautiful livery in FlyBe’s fleet (yeah, I’m joking) on his way back to Hamburg. You’ve been a great right hand driver, Dirk! ;)

With flybe introducing their new livery I actually used the trip to the UK to take pictures of their new “retro” livery painted on G-PRPM…

…and their new “retro retro” livery worn by Dash 8 Q400 G-ECOR.

Finally this Boeing 757 (G-ZAPX) operated by Titan Airways headed to Munich turned up and marked the end of my very first session on British soil.

While I managed to note the registration of all birds I photographed I had some issues finding the reg of this one. Any one able to help? ;)

Hope you liked this little selection of my UK pics - If you did, check out my twitter where I’ll post more pic during the next days and weeks!


Nice shots! What flight did you get back?


I returned on LH2511 BHX-MUC :)


Jet2holidays looks awfully like Allegiant back in the states.

Does anyone know of any connection between the 2 airlines?


There is no connection at all, other than they are both cheap airlines

Great pics!


Nice photos! I really like the Jet2!


Awesome pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

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Did you manage to get on the A320neo? Or was is a 319/320?


@Moritz! really pictures, really cool! Thanks for helping me stay on the right side of the road 🤪
It was really an amazing event and am so happy that we all had the chance to meet and have a great weekend together! ✌🏼🎉


Those are some incredible pics! Keep up the great work 👍 👍


It was the very first A319 of Lufthansa, D-AILA named Frankfurt (Oder) :)


How did you find out who was on what aircraft?

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Well, I went to the airport with @epaga and @DirkGiessmann so I knew their flights, since the flight to Frankfurt was the only Lufthansa plane at the field it was obvious and no other E170s of flybe departed at the time of the Lyon flight of Laura. Dirks plane was a bit difficult since there were three Dash’s at once but two other spotters helped me to find out (and there’s always flightradar 😉)


I was just thinking the exact same yesterday. especially the tail section

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Thats the Pain of leaving as one of the last ones… I didn‘t got featured ☹️ The Helvetic ERJ 190LR would fit this Spotting Session very well 😜

Great Pictures as always, I like them all 👍🏼👍🏼💪


I believe I can.

I looked up the registration and a few other things. Here is what I came up with.

Callsign - B1RD
Registration - GR3Y
Aircraft Type - Sternus


You left later than me, bit difficult to get a pic of your plane then 😂 wait, I actually saw it during my takeoff 🤔


Thats why I said „the pain of leaving as one of the last ones“ 😂


Jet 2 did lease some aircraft from allegiant. Not uncommon with budget airlines across the pond. Jet2 changed the livery very little, as they liked it enough, and being a budget airline didn’t have too much money to spend on repainting etc. Some of these liveries evolved to look like the Jer2 Holidays livery you see in the picture above.

A reminder that the one Moritz got a shot of (a very good shot, I must say) is the Jet2 Holidays livery, there is also the typical Grey and Red livery pictured here:


Anyway, great shots once again Moritz!


Really cool shots @Moritz! Well done as always. :)