Birmingham approach today

I would like to apologize for everyone at EGBB earlier today. I was working approach. I had issues with the HOLD function, which led to me being unable to send you guys in a hold. That made me make a big holding circle around Leicester, that might have looked like a mess. I just want to apologize if you feel like you were just being vectored around in that circle all the time. I did the best I could to get you guys into the airport.
Thanks for your patience, and thanks for flying Expert Server.
I can assure you that my fellow controllers and I, did the best we could, to give you the best possible service!
Emil Broe - Birmingham Approach,


Thank you for your service today. You sent me into a hold which was my first experience of it on the sim. I thought your service was great. (QFA0049)

Don’t worry, it was totally under control. Thank you.

Exactly, don’t worry, good job! It was amazing flight for me, thanks :)

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