Bird's Eye View of the Pacific Northwest!

Hello, IFC!

Today, I went on an hour long Cessna 172 flight with Rainier Flight Services! It was a great experience, as you will soon read!

I arrived at the small lounge like waiting area at Renton Airport, and i was given a headset and took a cup of water, sitting and watching planes through the lounge windows. After a solid 30 minutes of waiting, it was time to go out, meet my instructor and start the preflight checklist. After 10 minutes of looking for birds nests and other substances in every hole in the airplane, it was time to hop in and get moving!

After a quick instrument check and turning on the battery, alternator, avionics, etc., I turned on the engine and starting taxiing down to runway 16!

It was a quick taxi to the run-up area, where we spent a few minutes running up, and then it was time to take off! It was in no way a smooth takeoff though, there were gusting winds of up to 20 knots and it was overall a quite bumpy ride… (I love turbulence and dropping 20 feet and feeling your stomach go up your throat lol)

We flew down south a little bit, and decided to do flybys at both Auburn and Covington airports. We then stayed low and slow to stay out of KSEA’s class B airspace as we flew down west to KTIW. (Tacoma Narrows). Above Tacoma port, the ride became really bumpy, and as we passed under a nice plump cloud, we experienced a solid 100 foot fall which made my small camera bump into one of the airvents (i was taking pics) and made a lil dent in the top…


Still great views though:

r o a d

By the way if you’re actually reading this, thank you so much :) … Anyways, we then started approaching Tacoma Narrows airport, where we were planning to execute a touch and go. The final approach was gnarly, we were being pushed side to side by the gusts, but the takeoff was worse. As soon as we lifted up again after the touchdown, our miserable little plane got yanked to the right and the instructor tried to fix it and so he pulled left on the yoke and it hit my knee and i have a bruise now.

After the touch and go, we flew at 500 feet above the tacoma narrows bridge, which was amazing, and then headed home to KRNT (not without a flyby at both airports again).

As we were on left downwind, I was able to spot a few maxes from the sky, which are in my spotting topic .

As we entered final, nothing was looking right. I was seeing red over red, white over white, and i couldn’t seem to remember how that saying went anyways, but i was staring straight down at the runway and all i could think about was I was setting myself up to ungraciously dismantle this perfectly good little airplane, and then off in the distance, I heard a voice, I think it was that of my flight instructor saying:

my controls

and then he smashed it down on the runway

like 20 feet off the center line
and did a semi STOL landing and came to a stop in like 20 feet

RIP tires

must be tired after that

ils doivent être crevés…

(its a french joke)

We finally taxiied back to the apron, passing a half dozen MAXs, and then came to a final stop at our ramp.

This was overall a great trip with Rainier Flight Services…

Plane: 8/10 (yoke was sticky)
Crew: 0/10
Pilot: egg
IFE: 6/10 the g1000 gets kinda boring after a while
View: 100/10
Inflight meal: 1/10 (a random fly in the cockpit that I inhaled and felt like a covid test but it was a little bit salty so that was nice

Overall: 9/10

Thank you!

Have a great day!



Never laughed so hard


Im glad i made you hapi 😀


This topic was much funi

The photos were much preti

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Nice photos!



I mean it tasted like one of these bad bois:


Yumi fly

Help I can’t stop ending words with i

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I ami sori

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I accept apologi

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Sounds like good fun! Love the photos as well.

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Veri cool! Is this to log hours for a license, or just for fun?

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It was for fun, but still an additional hour logged 😁

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Robertine ur posts are priceless! You always make my day! Glad you had a good flight when you can u need to fly over to VA we could do a DA42 flight and grab some lunch! :)

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Yess that sounds awesome ngl

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Hi man, I live in their Federal Way!!

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You are a madman

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Omg I’m dead this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week


Awesome post and even better pictures!!

Sounds like you had a blast…!

Thanks for sharing!

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Hope you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing!


That is a G5

Same thing I use in my training plane!

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