Bird Strike

It’s him reincarnated.

legofiure1 is nickchan confirmed



Oli H - As this would be realistic the simulator does not focus on crashing and destroying the aircraft/engine.

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Don’t want to be mean but this kind of goes in to the features request of adding “emergency” or malfunction

I personally don’t think we need this, also if we get a dual engine bird strike we could crash on landing if we need to land in water as we don’t have realistic water and won’t be able to do a Sully landing.

Why are we bumping a topic that’s 3 years old? If you don’t want it… Just don’t vote for it 😉


I was just searching for bird after reading a topic.

Mention it on this topic rather than bumping this old topic ☺

Airports are using special ways to avoid birdstrike and i didn’t see bird strike case for a long time. I am not against this feature but if it will be applied, it should seen rarely.

@CK777 I heard that there was a bird strike about 22 hours ago.

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But still rarely, we cannot see often. As i said, it exists in real life but how many cases are there on the world?

My point is, i don’t want to see 1.000.000 aircrafts which got bird strike at EGLL.

Maybe 1 or 2 in a month is okay but if it becomes in free conditions, it will be used even for trolling.

I am not against it but i am hesitating because of abusements and exaggaretions.

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I don’t think this a good idea, if a bird strike happens in an over-night long haul(if the Devs don’t put an altitude limit to where they happen), you’d wake up ghosted.