[Birb Death] - Shiny Golden Metal Arrivals at KSEA! - Sunset Spotting

Good Evening, IFC!

During my last spotting trip at KBFI, my lens had a focus problem, so I brought it to the store for fixing. They said it was unfixable, but sold me a used lens of apparently “better quality” for $90.

This evening, I tried out the lens, which is okayish (not as good as my old one).

The center of the pictures are sharp, but the outsides are more blurry. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would love some help!

Anyways, let’s get to spotting!

First, a Dash-8 Q400.

NONO wait don’t leave I have special liveries coming please stay!

Here is a common little 737.

And a less common A320 that used to be operated by Virgin America.

N400DX, a special livery Dash-8 Q400 ironically coming from potato land

A very common Dash-8, really nothing to see here apart from the wonderful sunset reflecting in the cold metal

Last but not least, a flying beaver!
If anyone can guess the second aircraft in the picture, they get a cookie!
Bonus cookie if you can guess where it’s going ;)

Finally, an armada of birbs!

Unfortunately, it looks like the one behind the engine in the photo didn’t make it, as it hit the wheel and bounced off, falling into the bushes.

I would really appreciate everyone’s kind comments to the birb. Maybe a flower or two for it’s virtal tombstone.

Thank You!

Wear a mask!



Amazing photos, love seeing your photos. Looking forward to some more.

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Thank you very much!

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May the birb rest in peace after its unfortunate graphic and horrific impact with the landing gear of an Alaska Airlines A320.

We are deeply saddened to hear this news as the birb is an icon to the plane spotting society.

Great photos too 😍

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Thank you so much for the kind words!

(It’s an A320 ;)

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Cool photos!
Good thing the bird didn’t get sucked up into the engine

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Beautiful Photos!!

RIP to the Bird!

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No thats not good news… it kinda sucks…


All jokes aside, I’m glad it didn’t cause any damage to the plane!

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I guess you could say that was a “Birb Strike”

Okay that was just sad ;-;

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It’s very sad to see this death. This brings awareness to the public eye. Millions of deaths like this occur per year. This is why we need to ban air. If you really think about it, air is the contributing factor to all birb deaths. May the birb Rest In Peace


Look at the name of the pic

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I literally called the pic “birb strike” when I saved it to my PC

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What’s the make, model, and variant of the lens?

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Uh oh AndrewWu is typing
lol rip he already posted


Yeah. Unless it’s one of the A320s they are retiring. Jk any damage is bad

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It’s a Canon Ultrasonic 75-300MM 1:4-5.6 IS

isn’t that what you had before?

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Mate these are amazing! The 7th one in particular 😍😍😍

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Wow, the Alaska livery is lovely, and your photos display it perfectly. Good job!

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