Bio not showing on My User Card

Hi there Community

When I click on my profile name (in a comment), up pops my user card, as usual. But my Bio isn’t showing on the user card, everyone else’ does, but mine. I asked a community friend a while ago if they could click on it, and they said it didn’t show.

Is there someone who knows the solution to this? Why isn’t my Bio showing on my user card?



Did you check if you still had a bio? Maybe you mistakenly deleted it.

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Do not include bullet points and it should pop up.

Yes I do, you should be able to see that yourself I presume

Same happens with me

Well @Big_Elijah doesn’t have any bullet points, his doesn’t show up 💁‍♂️

Yours show up for me.

Oh awesome then

Well he deleted his comment, so i guess he figured out that his does show up.

It shows up for me. What device are you using?

Well I use an IPad Pro, an IPhone 10 and a MacBook Pro. On each one nothing shows

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Test it out. Take out the bullet points from your name and see what happens.

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Yeah, still not working

Hmm. Try Shortening It.

@Mavic - interesting. Do you mind if i poke around a bit with it to see what’s causing it?


I believe i may know. Put everything into one long paragraph.

I have bullet points on mine, works fine.


I can see your bio

Ok. Im confused now.