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Welcome to Binter Canarias Virtual

image3 Welcome aboard Binter Canarias Virtual. We are proud to be Spain’s first IFVARB approved virtual airline and to be welcoming new members to our VA.

About us

image3 Binter Canarias is Spain’s first IFVARB approved VA. We fly to a handful of destinations across the Canary Islands, Western Africa, Cape Verde and Europe. Our routes operate using the Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft including codeshares with Iberia aircraft. Air Traffic Control services are also part of the VA. All our members are friendly and enjoy flying for Binter Canarias Virtual.


image3 Our staff team consists of CEO, COO, Head of Flying Operations and Head of ATC Operations. Our current CEO is @AH_aviation and our COO is @dutch.aviator. As we progress further taking on more members, we will extend our staff list and more opportunities will be available.


image3 Our VA aims to have flying and ATC events every week. Our main hub is Gran Canaria Las Palmas (GCLP) where a lot of our flights will take place from GCLP is also known as Gando. Our second hub is Tenerife Norte, or Los Rodeos, (GCXO). This challenging airport offers pilots and Air Traffic Controllers challenging approach and airspace. Our ATC events take place mainly in the GCCR airspace on Training server. Each controller will be able to handle large volumes of traffic, pattern work and more.

Why join

image3 Joining Binter Canarias Virtual will enable you to enjoy Infinite Flight in another way. With weekly flying and ATC events, you could be flying the challenging approach into Maderia or controlling heavy Gran Canaria traffic. In addition, joining Binter Canarias Virtual require little commitment but dedication. Your future is in your control.

Joining Process

image3 The joining process consits of 3 stages.

1. Application

The first stage is applying. This is done via Google Docs and determines whether you will be able to start the next part of the joining process. Applying can be done here or on our website.
We aim to contact you no later than 2 weeks after submitting your form.

2. Introduction

Assuming you were successful in applying, you will move on to the next stage, the introduction. This is where we introduce you to the VA, staff, how we operate and more.

3. Training

After being introduced to the virtual airline, you move on to the main part of the joining process, the training. This is where you can show off your talent and knowledge and where we will decide if you will be able to join. More information can be found on our website or PM @AH_aviation or @dutch.aviator.

Thank you

image3 Thank you for reading our thread and please visit our website or contact us if you wish to find out more. We hope to see you flying with us soon.

Binter Canarias Be International


Nice VA! So glad I’m a pilot!


Thanks! We hope you enjoy your time with us ;)


Great va, staff active and reply to messages.

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Woohoo! Finally a thread. @AH_aviation, I still need to create a slak/discord account! I applied 2 months ago or so but forgot to make an account. Sorry about that!


Hello, yes, we use discord, once downloaded, click on the link given, and you will be in!

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