Binter Canarias orders the E195-E2

Binter Canarias has just announced that they will be ordering 3 of the new E195-E2 aircraft. They will be the first European airline to operate the E195-E2 aircraft and are starting in 2019. These brand new aircraft will come with 132 seats and the latest technology and will join the current fleet that consists of the ATR72 and CRJ1000. This will help improve their current routes to the Canary Islands and West Africa and this investment will cost $342 million. It’s not yet clear exactly when they will arrive in 2019 or what routes they will be operated on however this will be the first order of aircraft in 2 years.
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Wilderøe started operations with the E190-E2 not the E195-E2. The new E195s launch operator will be Azul and Binter will be the first European Operator.


That’s a pretty tasty looking plane I have to say…


The livery fits the aircraft real good. Let’s see how well the aircraft will serve the airline.

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The livery really nice :)

Love the E-Jets, glad another airline is ordering this rather than the CRJ cram Jet 1000

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